Well-Furnished Offices

We have well-furnished office space and well-designed sample showroom for displaying samples. This workplace comes with all facilities and separate workstations for our clients and designers. This office space is as much yours as it's ours, be it conducting business visits or meetings with your people, so, let's get started!

Plant and Machineries

infastructure image
infastructure image

For a company to stay ahead in terms of quality & competitiveness, it has to rely on its own infrastructure and resources. We, at Shoe Tree Exports., realized this at a very early stage. Today, we not only have a most modern manufacturing complex

but also an array of sophisticated machines to produce a diverse range of world-class footwear. We use German, Italian and other imported machinary at the various stages of our production. We make medium priced footwear for Men,

Ladies and Children on cement, strobe, hand-stitch, California and stitch down construction. All production from Shoe upper to complete shoes, everything is produced in-house thereby reducing production lead time, enhancing cost effectiveness and consistent quality.